Amazing: Brycen Cox, Age 10 Builds Her Mum A Stunning Website

Age is nothing but number(s), and there's definitely no limitations in life, it's all about the "i-can-do-it" spirit. If you are willing, the universe will grant you your wish once you put the hard work into it.

Innovation isn't necessarily about inventing something new, innovation is about making small tweaks to what already is and making it work better than you met it. 

Brycen - age 10 was able to prove these points to be true when he built a website for his mom. 

How many 10 years old are so innovative today? There are just so many wishing their lives away and still hoping to be leaders of tomorrow, when they can start leading from today.

Ashli Cox, a mom of 3, got really excited about her 10 years old son Brycen Cox who literally built her personal brand website for her - Ashli who is a marketing consultant, based in Yukon Oklahoma, took to her Facebook timeline to talk about how Brycen helped her build a stunning website for her brand. 

When asked whether Brycen had gone through any formal web design trainings earlier, she stated that this was actually his first attempt. 

Turner, EC's chief content creator had a conversation with Ashli and here's what she had to say. 

EC' So the story of Brycen is fascinating and I'm just curious how he was able to achieve this, can you tell us more about him? 

Ashli: He is a pretty smart kid. We started off the summer small, he helped me copy and paste things over for clients on their websites that I was building. I was also in the process of rebranding Ashli Avalon my portfolio website. I had the book and featured page done, but needed to add the service section and a nice homepage. He picked a template then plugged things in for me. Just like working with a client he asked my thoughts on things, but I really wanted this to be his.

EC' That's interesting, so how long have you exposed him to the digital & web design thing?

Ashli: This was our first go. While I was a kid that grew up using computers I really limited my kids’ computer use at home. I started feeling guilty because I made my first website at 11 and he had no idea how to do that.

EC' So can you tell me more about yourself and what you do?

Ashli: I own a digital marketing agency, but recently rebranded one of my 3 companies to focus on Sales, Brand and Marketing Strategy.

EC' Is there a word you'd have for parents who are not currently supporting their kids to go into anything tech related?

Ashli: I think it is a very delicate balance. I am very much the parent that encourages my kids to play outside. I would suggest starting with things that interest them online then building into bigger things. In no way are our kids ever going to not use technology that isn't their generation at all. It is about finding that happy medium of allowing them to be a kid while encouraging them to find things they like. We use technology as a reward for chores and good behavior, but I want them to do something productive with their time online and not just play games. As an entrepreneur, I believe in teaching my kids skills they can turn into a business or utilize to work for me when they are old enough.


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