We Are Officially Live: The Rebrand Process Is A Huge Success

We are back online and fully rebranded to serve you better with top-notch contents. 
Whether you've been following us since 2013 when we were formally [Zepreneur Magazine] or you are just coming across our platform for the first time.

01/08/2017 is the date and we are excited and proud to announce that we are officially live & back to full operations 100%

Thank you so much for all the support, we truly appreciate all of it, Although the rebranding process took longer than expected, we are so happy it turned out well and the delay was for the best purpose. 

Yes, the purpose of better serving you our dear partner and reader with great content that will grow you to become a better version of yourself. 

If this is your first time of seeing our platform, welcome to the home of freemium innovative information, we've been around for a while (2013) not too long but long enough to have made a big impact. 

But we recently went through a major rebranding phase which saw us through the process of virtually changing everything and starting from scratch and creating new & better contents to best serve you our audience. 

This process includes the revamping of our website and changing the URL. (painful process but worth it). 
We are now solely focused on producing & providing tailored contents to serve our tailored audience. 

You can learn more "About Us Here" or read our "Content Disclaimer Here" to get the most out of this platform, click on "Start Here" to get a quick glimpse. 

You can get to follow us on social media by liking our Facebook Page & Twitter, handle, IG coming soon........ 

What's more? You can pitch us your story or article if you are a writer or entrepreneur who would like to get featured on EC' we would take a look at what you've got & if it fits the needs of our audience & meets our Writing Standards, it will be approved & you'll be given due credit(s). 

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