Key Ways Millennials Can Become Successful Without Selling Their Soul

Is life not hard enough that sometimes you just want to sell your soul to get what you want?

I mean c'mon! It just becomes very unbearable at some point and you begin to think about the quickest way out of the mess.

Sure it happens, and it happens to everyone (yes everyone) and the fact that you are so uncomfortable just proves that you are conscious, you can't settle for less and it means that you have a future which you are probably worried about.

But should you then in such case resort to doing something that is inhumane, like for example: making a decision that could definitely affect your future or that of your kids? Well I definitely do not think so.

but how on earth (you are probably asking) will you get out of that situation? Or for how long will this last? Well, let's look at the case of someone who equally went through a phase in her life too - Marie Forleo.

Even though we are not trying to compare her experience with what you might be going through, it's worth a read, and by the time you're done, hopefully you get a word that speaks to your soul.

It literally took Marie Forleo 17 long years for her to finally establish her business, it took about 7 years before she could even earn some money from it & this wouldn't have happened if she had quit before that time.

There's something about "FOCUS" that many still do not understand. It's the very ingredient that every aspiring entrepreneur should have, because without focus, you'll just jump from one idea to another without truly achieving anything (tangible). 

With 'focus' comes "PATIENCE" if you are focused, patience is just inevitable. You've got to embed in you the quality of long suffering, (having the ability to wait till you see the result is a virtue that you really must posses). 

So for 'MARIE FORLEO' At the age of 23, she discovered life coaching and knew she had found her calling - but it took her about seven years before that calling paid the bills. She built her business while doing other odd jobs, and she encourages other beginner entrepreneurs and small business owners today, to be patient.

You see, I have been a victim of impatience myself, I've failed at building certain businesses ideas that could have turned out well, but because I didn't realize at that time the value of patience, I flipped life's pages just too fast and at some point it even landed me in serious troubles too.

Impatient can end you even before you begin. 

There is nothing more rewarding than always making sure you enjoy the process, enjoy the process of building your business, enjoy the process of building your tribe, enjoy the process of creating your contents etc.
Yes it's a painful, stressful, procedure - In fact, the process looks like it wouldn't end. 

At some point, you'll even think you aren't making progress, especially when you aren't able to pay your bills & you've got debt piling up daily. 

If you are building an online business, you might even run out of data subscription & can't even afford to pay for the Internet connection. (crazy experience right?) I'm telling you it could get that worst initially. 

But as the saying goes: "there's light at the end of the tunnel" and that is just the summary of life, really. You can't see or reach where the light is if you quit half way through. 

So what's the lesson in this?
Know this: without patience, hard-work, commitment/focus, you can't really build a business that would thrive.

These are the very important virtues you'll need to possess in order to succeed and build a brand that stands the test of time. If these qualities are absent! you simply can't get a hold of anything. 


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