2 Things Facebook Thought Me About Achieving Goals & Why You should Apply The Principles Too

So just recently Emeka Nobis made a post on his facebook timeline talking about 2 things he learnt, initially, I didn't quite think deep about it, but then when I got home later that evening, I reflected on what he said and immediately it felt like a light bulb went off and my brain opened... And I began to reminisce on what I've really come to learn as of late, concerning life and achieving one's goals. 

Well, you wouldn't imagine it, but facebook was what came to mind instantly - You might wonder, what's facebook got to do with this uhn? 

So Facebook has literally thought me something important about success or achieving our desired goals... Which is: "You'll have to pay to get the result you want in life" Yes a lot of the time people keep looking for free formula here and there and they keep going round in circles without truly accomplishing any tangible thing. 

(They simply forget that there's a price for everything) in whatever form it is.

The truth just remains that life (nature) requires a sacrifice of some sort, it requires you to pay a price to get in return what you (desire) deserve.

This could be in terms of your commitment (sleepless nights, attending seminars and showing up for webinars etc..) Or paying for a course or whatever it might be - But the point is; you'll surely need to let go of something in other to have something.... You must be willing to part with that thing (be it money) or killing your comfort in order to achieve a goal. 

:: HOW DOES FACEBOOK COME INTO THE PICTURE? :: Well, the rule is simple for Facebook users or people who want to build influence; E.g. Are you trying to build your reach or get more audience to see you and the contents you dish out.. It's pretty simple and straight! Facebook says: "Boost this post to reach_______thousands of people for a certain amount of $$. 

Now Facebook incorporates two things into this rule, really. 

1. Invest money to get results! 
2. Be consistent in dishing out useful content that people want to see... 

These two are something we all should take into account whenever we think about starting anything - Ask yourself, am I ready to invest or make sacrifices where it's needed? 2. Am I ready to always show up? 

If we define these two things from the onset, we'll be able to have better results, and even when we face challenges, whether technically or otherwise, we'd have the focus muscle turned on by default... 

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Inspired by: Emeka Nobis
Written by: Turner Andrew

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