Exclusive: How She Started A Business With 2,000 & Raked In 6-Figures In 3 Months

Hold your handkerchiefs as this might make you cry at some point. "Necessity is the mother of invention" And it was so necessary for her to turn her situation around and make the best of her life, just shortly after she had a tragic accident that incapacitated her both financially and physically.

She was stuck & broke. She needed help & it must come fast, she needed to survive but she had no side business to rely back on for sustenance, it was more like going back to the trench.

All this molded her to become the brave woman that she has become today, and now she's teaching people on the importance of having a side business (in case of not so good days).

The concept of having a Plan-B in place didn't start today, it has always been a strategy implemented (and reserved) in case something goes wrong, although not many people think about it, probably until they bump into a sort of roadblock or go through a tragical situation.

It is important to learn how having a 'plan B' Especially having a business & financial 'kinda' plan-B all mapped out & planned by an expert can help us stay afloat.

Our guest who is the queen of 'Plan B' expresses so much confidence in her skill & strategy that she made a bold statement on her social media and website page, something that scares me even. (positively)

When I read it, I couldn't help it, I was just tempted to contact her to learn more about her and how she goes about these things.

In her words, she says: "I help corporate employees start a profitable side business, leveraging on their strengths, IN 90 DAYS OR LESS."

She does this by helping individuals get more clarity on how to successfully commence their journey.

Also, she develops strategies for building a  successful side business & help in the process of creating sustainable plans for the business until it begins to experience growth.

Well, wouldn't you say that's just word of mouth?

But what made EC'Magazine feature her in this month's #Issue? Why do we think of her as a proven entrepreneur? Does she have any results whatsoever?

*These are vital questions that we have answers to below.

"(1) She's been running this business for a long time. (2) She has successfully hosted a massive exhibition (event) one that was extremely successful that gathered not less than 2000 people in attendance - But wait, that's not all."

She even got people begging her literally to hold another event of that kind already.

Putting her Skillset to work, she has really changed many lives.

She is for sure the plan-B queen & she runs the plan-B hub. Her name is Francisca Ogunladé.

* You'd agree that so many people are still struggling with making a quantum leap, they are finding it difficult to make the decision on what business they should start up.

Some are clear on that but stuck in the strategy stage.

Mrs. Francisca on the hand positions herself in the 'niche' and ministry of taking you to the promise land.

Not only that. But if you seem to lack clarity, she'll help you discover the "you-in-you" and bring out the genius & hidden potentials. Refine your ideas & help package it, plus hit the ignition.

Francisca's business model is quite simple - Your duty is to approach her, sign up for her clarity and training session. She'll literally hold you by the hand and ensure you get the desired results.

We all know or might have encountered some so-called coaches who will just take money from you and send you a pre-recorded audio or video CD. Then they suddenly disappear into thin air without backup support - Well, that's where her case is different. She's there's until the results are truly proven.


Francisca has tried her hands on 8 different businesses & 3 failed out of it while she grew 5.

She is an excellent event planner, a banker (i can surely bank on her experience & expertise). A mum & a wife who understands the concept of managing business & family, balancing the two perfectly.


She was involved in a car accident in 2012 but survived - A rare miracle that many pray for. That was a defining moment for her.

Let's dig in deep on how she runs her business & how she helps her clients to achieve same results with their dreams.

EC': Welcome ma'am - How are you doing today? Hope you are pumped up & ready for the "EC'Magazine" questionnaire?

Francisca: This is a real wawu moment, lol. I was reading the text above and I had to go check again if it was really my name. I have never been more ready for the questions.

EC'Great! You run plan-B hub, but I also saw something called "VALID DREAMS WITH FRANCISCA" in your portfolio - What's that about?

FranciscaVALID DREAMS with Francisca started on January 31st, 2016 as a business mentoring session with 10 women in attendance. It signified my journey to business coaching and consulting. This business mentoring session is held bi-monthly in Akure, Ondo State presently. I am working to have it in other cities soon.

EC': Wow!! Going through your story, I was literally in tears because it reminds me of the same incident I had a few years ago, I've had at least 4 near death experience, and it's really a horrifying situation and also a humbling moment. In that, one sees life from a totally different angle entirely.

The last one was a motorcycle accident and it was really a defining moment, to be sincere I thought I was dead. Can you kindly share a bit of your near-death experience with us & the positive side it brought out?

FranciscaHmmmn, I am a testimony of Gods mercy. 

I had gone to represent my area in the annual merit award of the bank with two other colleagues in Lagos. Our journey back was smooth till we got to Ore and I slept off. I woke up to the sound of wailing all around me before I drifted back to unconsciousness. 

I spent 3 weeks in the Critical Care Unit and the next 3 months in and out of the hospital. I was 5 months pregnant at the time. Funny enough, I was positive about my survival even when I could not see for the first 4 days. 

I joked about my scares and injuries while visitors wept whenever they came visiting. This experience made me realize that I could not leave this world without impacting lives and having my name caved in the footprints of time. It also strengthened my faith in Christ.

EC': So that period made you to come to a state of self-discovery and realization that you could do more with life?

FranciscaExactly. I must have been preserved for a purpose, same as my daughter.

EC': When you came up with the idea of launching your own business, did you ever thought it would fly?

FranciscaWhen I launched out initially in 2014, I didn't have a choice but to make it fly. I was broke, in depth and with a baby. It was the case of either this business flies or it flies (smiles). This was when I started my diaper business.

EC': (i) How were you able to scale through? (ii) How much did you initially invest in yourself/business?

Francisca: I started my diaper business with N2,000 and built it to N200,000 in 3 months. This was what prompted me to write my book How I built a 6 figure diaper business with N10,000. I defined my market and sold them value.

EC': You mentioned that 3 out of your 8 business ideas failed - What was the lesson that you learned?

FranciscaNever jump to any business because someone else is making money from it. Business is tough enough, choosing a business in your area of weakness is suicidal.

EC': What do you constantly or repeatedly battle in clients who first sign up for your service?

FranciscaMindset and long-standing beliefs.

EC': Is it even important to run a side business?

FranciscaBeing in a paid job has its many challenges which includes insecurity. (even though many people think it's secured). It is advisable you have a business by the side to help you transit seamlessly. Be it your decision to leave or management's decision, you are better conditioned not to lose money on investments if you are already building a business by the side.

EC': What would be the long-term benefit(s)?

FranciscaAbility to transit to entrepreneurship seamlessly, ability to maintain a desired lifestyle and also the low risk of losing funds which is common to corporate employees getting into business for the first time.

EC': Talking about that, if we look at it from the banking/finance aspect - What financial mistake(s) do you often see people make?

Francisca: Normally, it's often the case of overcapitalization as startups.

EC': You help people set goals & you also help them follow through with their goals - (i) How do you achieve that? (ii) Is there a template you work with & put them through?

FranciscaI created a custom Goal Simplifier tool which is on my website for free. This tool breaks your goals into tiny bits and pieces. What it does is that it makes your goal achievable within a specified time-frame.

EC': What's one or more common challenges you feel or from personal experience stops people from launching a side business?

FranciscaFEAR comes top on the list. The next to this is Confusion as to what business to do.

EC': We often hear People complain a lot about bad governance, bad policies, bad everything. Although we all know this to be true really - Do you think this should actually stop anyone from starting any kind of business?

FranciscaNothing should stop anyone from starting a business on the side. The environment contributes adversely to business growth, Yes! However, a strong-willed person is ready to weather the storm of starting out.

EC': [Fun Question] If you were taken away to another planet and everything else was taken from you, but you were given a laptop, access to Internet & a credit card with $50 in it, what would you do or accomplish?

FranciscaI already have all I need to launch out. My brain is very much intact. All I need to do is to reach out to people and teach them what I know for a fee. ☺

EC': What's your advice for someone out there who's still afraid to start a side business? Someone who's still trapped in the corporate world.

FranciscaMy advice is for the person to find a good enough reason to live for.

EC': Can you give us a quick rundown on few business types you've helped your clients set up successfully?

FranciscaA Coca-Cola Depot. A Bridal shop. A copywriting editor. A makeup business. A clothing and shoe sales business. 

EC': What's one business quote or business lessons that has been so useful to you over the year?

FranciscaEverybody is not your customer.

EC': What's the golden advice you can offer to someone reading this right now, who just needs a little push?

FranciscaI won't tell you that starting a side business is easy, it takes a lot of guts.
However, you can do it. If I can do it, you will walk through like a ballet dancer.

EC': How & where can people reach you in case they need help of some sort?

Francisca: You can reach me easily on social media as stated below:
Instagram: @iamfranciscalade
Twitter: @franciscalade
Facebook: Francisca Nnadi0Igunlade
Email: hello@franciscaogunlade.com
Website: www.franciscaogunlade.com

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