How Elon Musk Reportedly Fired His Long time Assistant & What This Should Teach Us

She has worked with him for over 12 years but she was fired still! Why? 

We all know about Elon Musk right? It's either we've read about him or probably come across his works indirectly. 

Elon is a beast and lots of entrepreneurs look up to him as a role model, he certainly inspires a lot of people in this generation. 

While most of us in some way admire him, there are however some vital lessons we must learn as we follow his works. 

The common thing we can identify about Elon is the fact that he's the type that works tirelessly, all round the clock to make sure he achieves what he projects. 

From running the online payment system PayPal, to moving on to become the revolutionary man behind self driving cars (Tesla), and also the man behind SpaceX and many other big projects. 

Elon has really made a name for himself. 

But they say, behind every successful man is a strong woman right? (and not in most cases his wife). The woman could be a mother, sister or an assistant that puts things in order to ensure growth and stability. 

A story has flooded all the news & media channels of a woman who goes by the name Mary Beth Brown, who happens to be a long time assistant to Elon. It was reported that he fired her after she asked for a salary raise. 

Although there have been many other stories here and there - But then we just need to pick the most important part, which is the lesson(s) we must learn from her story. 

So by now we must have known Elon to be an extremely busy type, and therefore, for things to go well, someone has to keep things in check - well, we believe that's the work of Mary Beth "MB" for short. 

But what shocked a lot of us was the fact that despite having worked for Musk for over 12 years, it still didn't secure her place (she wasn't a linchpin) 

It was reported that 'MB' Mary Beth Brown approached Musk to offer her a raise, but the CEO of SpaceX "Elon" reportedly told her to go on a 2 weeks break/holiday to help him evaluate whether her presence would be missed & greatly needed when she's away. 

However, when she returned - it was reported that her service was no longer needed in the company and she was laid off. 

Quite touching right? Well, here's a vital lesson for you & I. Whether you work for a boss in that 9-5 setting, it's important to constantly check your value in the industry. 

Are you important or you are just being managed (rather than being the manager). In today's workplace, many managers are being managed instead. Any slight error could see you through the door. 

If you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner - Have you evaluated the niche you are in? Are you still of a significant value? 

Do people really still genuinely need what you are offering or is there a better alternative that'll soon send you packing & get you closing down your business soon? 

If you are not checking these things or asking these important questions, you might just need to prepare for the worst. 

Many people's positions have been replaced long ago, even before they ask for a raise or make some sort of wrong move. 

Although in the case of "MB" she didn't commit a crime, and it's not and will never be a bad thing to ask for a salary raise - But this could get your boss to really think hard about why you are being retained. 

And probably look at the possibilities surrounding the effect you might (not have) on the organization if you are ditched. 

Question: Are you a linchpin? Do you hold a position where you are considered to be the heart of operations and irreplaceable? 

Do you constantly study and upgrade your status, position and working standards to fit into the shift of the industry that you are in? 


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