Nigeria Is Out Of Recession Only In The Pages Of NewsPapers, In Reality We're Not

So just a few days ago, I was having a conversation with someone (a dude). & we were talking on various topics. 

And then I asked about how he was coping & all of a sudden, his face changed, the happiness in him seemed to have jumped out and he defaulted to a complain (sad) mode. 

In the course of our discussion, I mentioned that Nigeria is out of recession officially & his words were really bitter at that point.  But one thing he said that truly caught my attention was that:

"Nigeria Is Out Of Recession Only In The Pages Of NewsPapers, But In Reality We're Still In Recession"

How true can this statement of his be? 

Hence, why I wrote this article. In my opinion, I'll strongly suggest that, Just before you lament or complain about anything.  

First of all, try to enquire, don't follow the crowd, there's already too much noise going on here and in the world at large, adding yours might not  provide the solution. 

It's better to think of other possible ways to tackle whatever challenge it is. 

When recession hit Nigeria, I'll confess, even my closest buddies who are/were doing well complained bitterly, in as much as I'd have also loved to join in on the rant & voice my pains! I held my peace, I focused on what I was doing & when things didn't quite turn out well, I changed direction. 

Now how did that play out? It played out freaking well! I know some of you might say I'm lucky - No I'm not, and Yes I am! Because I'm a strong believer in; 
"when opportunity meets with preparedness, it becomes success"

And that's why, when I had that conversation with this dude,  about  Nigeria being officially out of recession! I even told him that, the recession wasn't as severe as most people felt or experienced it. That what most of us experienced was recession of the mind. (We felt symptoms).

What he said, "We are only out of recession in the pages of news papers, but in reality we're not" truly made me realize a few vital facts. To a very large extent you'll definitely want to agree with this dude won't you? 

Of course, dude made a great point - But let me ask you, have you taken the time to examine the lives & day to day activities of those who complain about the recession? 

= Here's Who They Are =

1. No Skill-set to make them thrive even in bad economy.. They all got laid off because company saw no reason to retain them, they were just a waste of resources

2. They don't think outside the box - They refuse to see opportunities around which they can monetize.

3. They have created a barrier for themselves by not expanding on their mindset, kind of friends they keep & information they digest. 

Yes! Recession was a reality but it didn't stop many from making millions - In fact, it was still during this recession period that I met someone who told me the other day that he's made more money now than he has ever made before. And he wasn't exaggerating, because I saw proof myself.

But truth is! Just like this dude I mentioned above, so many people are still trapped in recession & many will remain trapped there for long or forever if they don't change certain things about their lives. 

Such as, a young guy/girl roaming about with no skill... There can't be breakthrough if there's no pushing force - There must be pressure from the outside that would break you in, you can't change things in your imagination, you can only change it with your efforts & continuity... 

You cannot win a battle/war if you are not well equipped in terms of armory and tactics. (strategy and skill) all put together. 

So what's the message I'm trying to pass? The message is: Before you lament, first think about possibilities, try to connect the unseen dots & harness on what you're provided with... 

"Recession was a great breakthrough opportunity presented to us in Nigeria, but I feel 99% people failed to take on it and make a significant mark! Why? Because we're used to the complaining attitude"

Always sitting on our butts and waiting for someone to change things on our behalf, or for uncommon miracles to happen, where we have not put in efforts and sow seeds ourselves. Well, maybe that's possible, but not so much in reality - But mostly in your dreams and imaginations. 

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written by: Turner

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