Should I Charge For My Skill Or Should I Just Do It Free For The Love Of It?

This is going to be the best post I've written in a long time, and it's definitely going to be the best post you've read in a while.

So, there's always this question of (should I charge or should I just be nice?) which most startup entrepreneurs or people who have a skill, often ask.

Many people have gotten bad advice that has gotten them in trouble... But I'll clear you on this today, and hopefully, you'll finally be able to make the right decision.

So I've broken it down into two categories & I'll explain explicitly what the consequences are and the good sides too for each one.


As an entrepreneur (especially if you are just starting out) People are going to "So" love you if can offer them free services - They'll sing your praises in the streets of New York, Lagos, & Moscow! But the problem with that is; You'll struggle to survive and make ends meet.

No one would care if you've paid your rent or eaten today, what they are concerned about is their selfish interests - the worst part is; some would even leave without saying a simple thank you! The cheapest word anyone can shop. (painful right?)

Well, be prepared for that and even more bad things if you choose to go this route! Well, who knows, some people might just love the praises, right? You could love it too.


This is the second option you're presented with, yep! Charging money for your service. This is most likely the option you'll want to go for, but be prepared to be automatically seen & perceived as a bad FELLA! inconsiderate, money conscious and other blah blah blah!!

They'll never refer anyone to you - You'll struggle hard to survive from the onset, you'll struggle to convert a single client/customer because it seems they'll just seize to exist once you mention a price tag...

This can even get worst to the extent that you'll sometimes wonder if there's ever a future for you in this at all or probably you've made a terrible mistake.

(But the end justifies the beans) Sorry, i mean the means! What do I mean? Patience my friend, patience.
If you could wait a little longer just as someone who's fishing with a hook, you will surely catch the big fish.

The struggle to survive or convince a paying client might go on for a while. But I'm telling you, it's worth the wait & it's the best choice you'll ever make. Because by the time potential clients will begin to request for your account details so they could send money to you - You'll be like them that dream!

[FINAL NOTE] The biggest joke I've heard all my life as an entrepreneur is "Don't do it for the money, do it for the love, money will come later" uhn? Later? Like when I'm dead? Dude! You're going to remain broke for life if you go with that bad advice - Here's the best advice from me to you.

"Don't do it for the love, instead, do it with love (having money in mind) knowing that you are about to get paid from doing what you are good at" Money isn't a bad thing as opposed to what many so-called life coaches have tagged it.

Not all advice from life coaches is good advice - Before you take that advice, be sure to weigh it on a scale and see how it would affect you positively or negatively.

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