These Are The Things That Can Knock You Out Of Your Job Or Business?

Life is all about, evolve, adapt or go extinct. Which is what swept many businesses, entrepreneurs, & former ceo's out of their relevance. They are simply nowhere to be found anymore. Although they were the rave of their time, but they simply couldn't evolve and adapt to changing trends.

Sounds like a "cliché" really, but the truth remains "Change is the only constant thing" and as a business owner, entrepreneur or even if you are still in the 9 to 5 job circle - You'll need to be aware of these common factors "change is constant" (2) "evolve or go into extinction

Years ago, say 20 to 40 years back, who would have thought there would be a sudden change in the workplace - where bots and robots will take over?

Many people lost their jobs, the world is constantly changing "And whether this is a good or bad thing" we've got to learn how to evolve and adapt quickly.

Many entrepreneurs or businesses have gone into extinction because they failed to embrace the new way of doing things.

 Check the era of ice mining "later someone invented the ice factory and distributed ice in a truck" I'll confess, the ice miners never evolved, therefore their businesses died. 

Same thing happened when the refrigerator was invented - The ice factory owner(s) didn't expect it would close up their business. Look today, we all have that little box that serves as ice factory in our respective homes.

“Some people don’t like change, but you need to embrace change as the alternative is disaster.” ~ Elon Musk

The era of technology we are in has led to many people losing their jobs, and some are forced to pack up their businesses because they remained analog.

The world must keep evolving and changes will keep taking place whether we want it or not - Ask yourself, am I evolving too? Is my business employing the latest technology in order to keep running it effectively? 

Social Media came and killed traditional paper ads, it was a case of "You no longer need to pay outrageous & ridiculous amount on ads" - You can now build a thriving business for as low as $3-5 budget daily.

What's more? You could even tweak it to only show to a specific location, region and people. Isn't that amazing? 

Look at your business model, hope it's ready for the next impact of evolution? If you are operating in a mono direction, it's definitely time to change course..

Remember that these are the things that can knock you out of your Job, business or relevance as an entrepreneur.


Are you prepared for these three nature's big instruments that tests the foundation of things?

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