'You're Holding a Lot Of Power Back'

That's what people used to say to me...

Or something I would often hear, "If you could only release what's getting in your way" or “You're only utilizing 10% (sometimes 1%) of your mind" …..

I have to be honest, it really frustrated me.

I didn't understand what they meant or, more importantly, HOW or where to start in order to address the meaning of those statements.

I would have used the word FIX back then because I was all about fixing myself as if there was something wrong or inadequate needing to find a missing piece.

I could understand it conceptually, but that's not how we live life.

We experience it.

I wanted to know what it meant to be fully living as I always imagined and once did until things started to fray.

I started to lose the plot, let's say.

But I wasn't ok with settling because I never have.

But I found myself taking the wrong approach which I see too often with people around me — they refuse to relinquish what is already NOT working as if doing it MORE will make the difference.

Are you 'OK' with things being simpler?

Are you OK facing the fact that you can have things the way you want -- confidence, more money (SERIOUSLY, 2 x's , 3 x's, 4 x's the amount), energy, love (SEX) you desire.

Maybe there's a part of you that's slightly afraid of that.

It's funny how you can put your power away in (not) subtle ways.

...you stop SAYING what you want

...you stop EXPRESSING (dressing, dancing, speaking, etc) yourself as you truly are

...you stop LISTENING (and trusting) your own inner voice that is ALWAYS sending you messages but you're NOT following it's guidance

…you're caught in your head afraid to make the WRONG decision and you know it should be easy, but it's not.

And this is what I suffered.

I wanted to be in a place where I could confidently KNOW and discern what was fear (my old generational programming keeping me safe (bored, complacent, frustrated)) and what was ME.... my soul, my heart, my spirit....

All the good things challenging and pushing me to step into who I already am.

You see, you have your own unique relationship to money and once you can uncover the EXACT resistances you hold to money that also connect to all the best things in life...

That's when you not only become more empowered, you become wealthier....
In every way.

© EC'Magazine
written by: Catherine Lee
founder of: radicalpathway

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