Don't Make This Mistake If You Are Trying To Build Your Social-Media Following

"Lord Bless Me With More Social Media Followers" 

Every influencer or aspiring platform builder would agree that they've said this kind of prayer or made a wish similar to this at some point in time.  

While many aspiring influencers make this kind of prayer or wish while trying to build followership with the aim of establishing their platform and increase in sales... I'd like to fault the common concept behind that statement. 

When the idea of building an audience, a very large one at that comes to mind, for most people, by default they are simply saying. 
 "Oh I want to get more people who would just follow me without questioning and buy my products even though I'm not making any positive impact in their lives"

However, the real idea for building a tribe, community or fan base is to have an impact and build leaders just like yourself. 

Having influence on someone has to do with that person reflecting what you stand for and improving on what you've passed on to them. 

If you are not meeting or living up to this standard, then you are not worth to be called a leader, an influencer or whatever name you choose to go by. 

Allow me to bring religion in for a bit - You'll notice that God had to start calling us His friends just so he could build people who would gain freedom & to make us effectively pass on the love and influence to others too. 

Christians are called Christians because they were seen to be more like Christ & they all had the traits of Jesus leadership spirit and authority in them... Hence the name Christian(s) came to be. The Same concept applies to Muslims as seen in the life of the prophet Mohammed. 

If you want to truly lead, you must build leaders and not just recruit a number of zombies who would just say "Yes Man!" you need people who can handle situations too on their own even when you are no longer around. The perfect example of what Jesus Mohammed did. 

The real reason why most platforms, communities, fan pages etc... are sort of dead today is because the leadership was only one-sided, people were not thought or encouraged to take charge of situations - Coaches only kept creating secret formulas without building more self-aware people. 

If you have been making the same mistake in building your fan base or follower-ship, it's time to pivot or else your platform would soon nosedive. 

 Build a reflection of yourself in others, don't just pile up millions of people on your list and shut them out of the system - It's bad for a long-term branding experience and effectiveness. People will begin to feel used up and they'll have no option but to unsubscribe or unlike your page.


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