Exclusive: Why Having A Side Business Should Be On Your Agenda And Where To Invest!

"This Is An Exclusive EC' Magazine Interview Session With TheGoalGetterQueen Alabi Esther, On The Importance Of Having a Side Business And How Her Firm Can Help Change People's Financial Status From What It Currently Is To Become a Stable One In About a Year."

Millions of people worldwide wish they have a side business - Something they can fall back on when their day job is barely meeting their ever-rising needs. The pivot is so inevitable & thousands of people on a daily basis are seriously searching for what can support them and increase their financial inflow & stability.

So many people even wish to come across something they could just run or invest in that could be done almost hands-free.

Something that is not "mlm" Because let's face it, the system is so saturated & the model is somehow too stressful for most people who are still shuffling between handling the never-ending task of a regular 9-5 job. It's definitely hard to practically keep up.

And more so, not everyone likes the idea of being salesy. In my opinion and also from personal experience, the MLM system repels quite a lot of people these days.

The sight of it alone makes quite a number of people develop a headache almost instantly - it is what we deal with, the MLM niche is a noisy one.

And that's why, as the "chief content creator for EC' Magazine" I have made it a hobby to consistently research on best investment opportunities that are out there, including bringing on board, thought leaders who are having results in their businesses & field of play.

Ensuring that these individuals must have been in business for at least one year or two years and above.

== WHAT'S MORE? ==

* To accomplish this, given the fact that we always get so much similar or "repeated" questions on the topic of (what can I do by the side to earn money? Even if it's a long-term investment system) On this months' issue, we have decided to answer that question once and for all.

This month we interview the acclaimed "GoalGetterQueen" who has been helping lots of people to build financial stability by helping them invest structure side business since over a year ago.

She is based in Thailand & has been helping salary earners make smart investment choices/decisions through her robust platform.

She runs an 'Academy' where you'll have the access to build a side business, you would even have the luxury of having everything set up from scratch to finish (hands-free). The entire process is 100 percent automated.

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What's even catchy & most interesting in all this is that you can invest as low as $15-20 and begin to earn stable income within a very short time (say 12 months).

Once you sign up for the academy (No reg fee for now) and proceed to make your investment choice based on what you'll be exposed to in the system. You'll be given access to the inner circle (private membership area).

* She has been at this for over a year now (officially) but she has been running other businesses for over 5 years now. And has been changing a lot of people's lives, using her proven & practical business model & concepts.

She has opened financial 'upgrade' doors for those who are still trapped in the corporate world and are serious about changing their financial status by creating a second or third income business model that yields good ROI over time. So that they can finally gain freedom.


Mrs. Alabi Esther "GoalGetterQueen" an exceptional woman full of virtue, who is helping others build their businesses and grow their financial strength. Especially those who do not fancy the mlm business model or those who simply want to double their streams of income.

=> Mrs. Alabi Esther, thank you for taking the time to honor this invitation and to equally share with us your vast knowledge on how to smartly invest money - How are you doing today?

I am doing great, thank you for having me.

=> This is an interesting topic we are discussing today, so to start off! Why should anyone even have a side business or start a business at all?

Having a side business to a large extent gives you financial security, particularly in this ever demanding time, costs of living is getting higher and it is only logical to also increase the streams of income to balance things up.

=> During our first pre-interview session, you mentioned that you help people create or build a side business online, by providing investment options that is not mlm - What exactly are some of those challenges you think or based on experience people are facing with mlm business model?

I have tried mlm business twice and decided to leave it because finding people may not be the problem but how sure are you that those people you get can actually run with your vision to make things work, I discovered majority of those around me have the money for investment but they do not have passion for mlm.

=> Committing money can be a risky thing really, especially coming across people who have lost money severally through all forms of schemes - How do you convince them that there are still legitimate ways to earn?

Everything in life is a risk, but all business in my Academy are businesses I have done personally with results.

=> How can your platform help such people?

 One major reason why people keep losing money is because they most of the time seek for get rich quick schemes, everyone is so much in a hurry to make it, not knowing that most get rich quick schemes are also get scammed quick. But in my academy, we focus more on real investments.

=> (i) What is the guarantee that people will ever make money using your system?(ii) What are some proven results that you've had so far?

With patience, everyone will Definitely earn.
I have clients who have made over 1million, 500k etc from investments they started with less than 30,000 Naira, and most of my clients are worth millions of Naira in investments.

=> Who is this business model & niche suitable for?

It is particularly for salary earners who are seeking to secure their future, and also prepare adequately for retirement, but that does not exclude others that may want to join, provided they can fund their investments, I also have students on my team who I can proudly call Millionaires.

=> Realistically, for anyone who possibly goes through your system, how long will it take for them to start making money?

Within a year

=> I remember as well, during the pre-interview session you mentioned that this is a hands-free system & that everything is/can be totally automated - Can you please expand more on that?

It means clients do not need to sell or invite others before they can earn, all they need is to invest and watch their investments mature for harvest.

=> People want to make smart decisions, especially in this technology age where all sort of scheme is constantly being launched, things are being reinvented or re-engineered - What would you say to people who are skeptical, still?

I will encourage them to keep an open mind and make research on opportunities,
it is better to take an informed risk than lose out of ignorance

=> Before now, I mean before you ventured into helping people build their businesses (side hustle). What were you into 'initially?

Career-wise. I am a Music Director and a Fashion Designer.

=> So what made you venture into this niche? Or why did you decide to make a shift?

I started out with mlm which didn't work out for me, but through that period I got in contact with many people who for some reasons trust me and were looking up to me for the next step, my only challenge with them was they were not interested in multi-level-marketing, so I decided to look for other ways I can help them achieve their aim.

=> What are some of the common challenges you currently face in your business?

The challenge I have now is unbelief and impatience, most people have either lost their trust in online businesses perhaps based on past experiences or they are too impatient for investments.

=> What are some of the repetitive errors/mistakes you often see people make when it comes to making investment choices/decision?

Not doing enough research Investing more than one can afford to lose  ( all eggs are not to be put in one basket)

=> Will this platform be ideal for sit at home moms & full-time housewives?

Yes it is

=> Aside from the academy fee, what's the minimum or average amount one can invest in the businesses you are going to show the people who sign up?

There is no Academy fee for now, but all those who will like to join my inner caucus must invest a minimum of 10,000 naira.

=> What are your thoughts on why people fail to succeed at life & in business?

Impatience. Many people are in so much hurry, they lack the patience to wait until they see results.

=> What would you say to anyone reading this (and thinking oh it's a scam) or still skeptical on whether it is a good move to invest now?

The worst scam is losing out on something that could change your life because of fear or unbelief.

=> Lastly, How can people reach & get in touch with you directly?
Here is a link to my facebook group

Also, a link to my whatsapp group

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