There's More To Life Than Looking At It Through The Screen

I am who you'll describe as the internet junkie. Really!

Always have been, ever since I bought my very first IBM XT 286 in 1996.

I was so fascinated with the abundance of information I could get, the concept of being able to have access to whatever you please.

And it still excites me. I am like a child in a toy store EVERY TIME I turn on my laptop, it feels like Christmas morning – no kidding!

Not only do I have a very excitable, almost obsessive personality when it comes to new platforms, tools, tips, tricks, etc (this is what drew me to web design in the first place).

I love people, opinions, learning from the best,  meeting successful people who live a laptop lifestyle – this really motivates me in my business and in my life.

Needless to say, it came to a stage where it consumed all my attention most of the time, and I found it hard to switch off.  And since all my work also took place online (or at least on the computer), there was this pressure to ” get everything done”,  so I could get paid as “money don’t grow on the trees”

But one day it changed.

My daughter and I once went to a local clothing department store.

“I just want to SCROLL down there now” – I said, as we were walking around the aisles.
“Mom! THIS IS OUTERNET!” She replied.

ME: OUTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😱

English is not my first language and sometimes I mix up words, but this time it was almost intentional. I was SCROLLING DOWN the aisle! In the OUTERNET! I was so engrossed in being online all the time, I started referring to the real life using the same lingo!


Something happened to me that day. I started feeling ashamed that indeed my life has been so much online, the actual real life feels like just another virtual reality, the OUTERNET…

What about real people in my life? My husband, my daughter, my mom, who I may forget to ring every week… what do they see when they look at me?

They cannot talk to me as they see I am not 100% engaging.

I started noticing and feeling that “zone” I was constantly in.  I had been preoccupied with whatever I saw online going to bed, waking up. In fact, this had made me so unhappy and tired.

It had completely taken over my life. It probably hijacked some of the amazing years of my daughter growing up…  as I was too busy “scrolling down” another website page or replying to another Facebook message.

That year I made two most important decisions of my adult life.

One - work is work. Do it when you are inspired, so it is done quickly and productively. Work with your creativity cycles. You do NOT have to work HARD to make a living.

Two – unless what you do online is 100% geared towards making your dreams come true, get offline. The Universe will ensure you have enough amazing things around you to enjoy, so it does not feel like OUTERNET when you are not online. 

[Conclusion]: Nobody’s perfect.
While I have learned to work fewer hours with so much more productive outcome,  I am still spending a lot of time online, especially since I started specializing in Facebook Marketing.

But now it is not just a fascination or an obsession. Now I am making the magic happen. I am making my dreams come true. And then at 8pm, I switch it off and put it all away. 
To be present.  

not in the OUTERNET, in the NOW. Which is the real world. 

Juliette Stapleton is an Organic Marketing Strategist, dedicated to inspire, engage, create and help entrepreneurs attract the life of their dreams using social media in an Authentic way. Fearlessly!

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