These Are The 3 Things Stopping You From Becoming A Blogger

Blogging is a fun thing to do, and most people just marvel at how contents are curated and created or documented on blogs worldwide. And most people just wish they could own a blog too and begin to share awesome contents as such. Aside from the fun part, there is also the profitability part which draws much attention.

The fact that one could write a piece of content, get seen and read by thousands or millions of people from all works of life worldwide and become a celebrity "almost over-night" And on top of that get paid in dollars. Isn't that just amazing? of course, it is.

Note: This article is culled from "Before You Start 8 Questions Answered About Blogging" (written by Turner Andrew).

But just when most people get all excited, there are some things that set in as drawbacks that restrain them from dipping their legs in and start blogging their passion right away.

Which has been categorized into 3 parts and this article is aimed at helping you understand why this usually happens. Especially if it has happened to you before.

3. Imposter Syndrome:

Many of us had this same feeling when we started out, we felt like we knew nothing about what we were writing about even though we were all excited and passionate, we felt like a cheat, we felt we weren't experts in the niche and sometimes feel it's not a good idea EVER to write about it even though we are passionate about the topic.

This still happens once upon a time even now that we've been doing this for donkey's years. But it isn't as strong as when starting out, it gradually wears off as one gets deeper into writing, researching consistently and upgrading each school of THOUGHT.

Telling yourself that you're an imposter isn't even the worst opposition you'll ever face. The worst is when someone gives you a hot backlash, criticizing you/your work/articles. Faulting your claims etc... You'll feel like closing down your blog and committing suicide.

That is why some or most people would rather start a blog with extensions such as or or even etc. They are afraid if they'll ever have a future in blogging.

2. I'm A Bad Writer:

This is talking about those who feel they just can't construct good english or put words together and make sense to the reader.

I totally understand that feeling and I must say, the best way to write is to write the same way you speak!

Don't try to over Polish things, as long as you can speak and people understand what you say, then pen down your thoughts the same way too.

(No disrespect to the Indians) Most blogs I've read, even on authority sites written by most Indians aren't so great when it comes to properly constructing vocabularies.

But the information is what matters, as long as the reader gets the point, which I do most times, then almost any other error can be overlooked.

Sometimes some readers can even extend their hands to help format your article properly for you. I've done that quite a number of times. And others have done that for me too.

1. Everyone Has Written About It, Who Will Read Mine? 

This is definitely why most people feel discouraged to even start a blog, they feel all the topics have been covered and virtually everyone is saying the same thing, so why should they blog the same topic - It just feels like no one will ever read theirs after all.

The fact that someone or hundreds of other writers have written on the same topic doesn't mean you wouldn't have your own angle to it.

I'll give you an example. In most cases when I'm researching a topic, you'd likely catch me opening more than 5 tabs on the same topic in my browser. Why is this so? Because I want to get different voices and angles to it.

This would now help me to propagate and curate or come to my final conclusion on how to treat the topic and better understand what I'm researching on.

But if you are just hearing/reading from one particular writer all the time, you won't be able to get a deeper definition or expanded perspective on any given topic.

Same thing applies to blogging, everyone has their hedge and it is what makes them stand out, even though we are all recycling the same information, we all have our special way of filtering and making the message clear to the kind of audience we appeal to.

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