Feeling Stuck Or Clueless? How To Successfully Launch Your Online Business

Let's get you on the right track with our guest 'Audrey Lesesne' She is a "Digital marketing consultant, eCom specialist & coach, She's a visionary, a Mompreneur.

We are increasingly seeing a lot of women take the wheel these days in the digital space, building cyber-empire for themselves, but still, quite a lot of women & men too are still clueless. Unsure of what steps to take in order to have their way through.

Being clueless about what steps to take in order to kick-start a business idea is undeniably one big challenge that almost everyone faces when trying to launch an idea.

For this reason, there are certain people who are positioned to help you get past this stage smoothly and help you navigate through that confusion state, help you get clarity & direction so that you can start seeing results in no time. 

If this looks like what you are currently battling with and you need help, then by all means, this interview is for you. As Audrey Lesesne, helps shed light on many issues, she has been at this for about 2 years now, she started helping people set up profitable e-commerce businesses, then later branched out into the niche of helping people get clarity, the right tools and platform to set up a thriving Internet-based business. 

It is one thing to conceive an idea, it's another thing entirely to be able to actualize it or bring it into reality. 

We most likely get ideas daily, but the problem is always the issue of how we are supposed to figure things out, how to begin. It is no doubt that a number of people are stuck in that stage and even with the complexity of so many tech stuff one needs  to deal with these days, it's becoming harder for many people to get out of the idea stage and progress on to the implementation stage - cluelessness 

It's okay to be clueless, you are not dumb, it's what everyone goes through initially. But you certainly do need help, you need to be pointed in the right direction, you need someone to set you up and get you running as quickly as possible.

And that is what someone like Lesesne is set out to do for you. EC'Mag asked a couple of vital questions that we believe would help you better understand what starting a business (an Internet business) entails, and the necessary things you need to know before taking a dive in.

==> Thank you, Lesesne, for allowing us to pick your brain on EC'Mag Hope you are doing great
Yes thank you for having me on, I'm doing fine.

==>  Lesesne, it is no doubt that the Internet is filled with so many untapped opportunities, and every day we learn one thing or another - What is the common mistake you see newbies make when trying to set up an online business

The biggest mistake that I see many newbies make is maintaining a lack of FOCUS. They easily become entangled and distracted by all of the opportunities that exist online. Following One Course Until Successful is really the name of the game. Only until you have mastered building an online business and making it profitable, should you even think about creating a new opportunity. 

==> You are in the business of building businesses, an industry that is seemingly becoming way too crowded, how do you differentiate yourself or position your offer to convince clients that you are for sure the go-to person

Focusing on building my personal brand has made all the difference. Way too often, people attempt to take on the voice and messaging of others, instead of honing and developing their brand.  We each have a story and experience that make us unique, but still relatable. I strive to be very authentic in my communication and ultimately people will either be attracted to it or not. And naturally, a separation happens, thus allowing me the opportunity to speak the language of those who are aligned with my message. 

==> For businesses who operate solely offline and are trying to break forth and begin to harness the power of the Internet, what are those pitfalls they should try to avoid

The internet can be a double-edged sword, especially for businesses that are new to understanding its benefits for their business. It obviously has many benefits but if not used intelligently, you can actually lose your shirt quickly. I advise that they seek some direction and guidance from experienced agency's that are skilled and more experienced with getting businesses results.  The small investment will have massive ROI if positioned correctly. 

==>  When you say you build businesses or help turn ideas into profitable businesses, how exactly do you do this? Like what's the process
I can't disclose all of my secrets, LOL! But I take my client through several exercises with the goal of unveiling their passions to determine if it makes sense to launch an online business doing that. From there we create a blueprint and work together to breathe life into the plan. We go over mindset strategies. 

==>  There is this startup trench that lots of people happen to find themselves trapped in, most can't figure out how to get along with tech or can't even afford to pay for outsourcing most things, how would you suggest these people start out
I like the K.I.S.S. method. "Keep It Stupidly Simple." New entrepreneurs attempt to overcomplicate things. They see a conglomerate of apps and software that is designed to simplify business/life and think they need it all in order to be successful. Then before you know it, they have invested unnecessarily, wasting money before they have made money. And now these tools have done nothing more than complicate things further. 

I always suggest starting with the basics. Today, you can literally start and grow your business using your cell phone, a Facebook page and if you want to get a little fancy, a FREE email autoresponder similar to MailChimp. Stick to the necessities and only after having tested the business idea with positive results would I make further investments in additional tools. And if you are feeling overwhelmed about the tech aspect, YouTube is your friend!

==>  Is it possible to run an online business that you actually know nothing about in terms of the technical aspects of it

Absolutely! The internet had levelled the playing field for sure. You don't have to be a genius to bring your idea to fruition. Now, I will say that for your business to be successful, you must live, breath and have a clear understanding of the needs, the problems, the pain of your audience. Generally, that is learned behaviour. Anyone can learn and become an expert in any field today. Focus on learning as much as you can about your audience and providing solutions, you will have a prosperous future indeed. 

==>  For someone who has an ideaand they wish to work with you in order to actualize it - what should they have prepared

I am very selective about who I take on as clients. As a coach/consultant, my goal is to disrupt their previous practices and mindset and replace it with new behaviour and processes. Not everyone is ready for that level of transformation, at the level that it is required, despite the feeling that they are. 

It has been my experience that people want the results but are unwilling to put in the effort that it requires to accomplish those results. During the onboarding session, we go over a series of questions that really give me a clear picture as to their level of motivation and drive.  Commitment to the process is critical and it makes or breaks their achievement. I would encourage anyone to examine their "why", the driving force behind the goal of entrepreneurship.  If after this exercise they are still excited to launch their business and work with me, then I know they are ready. 

==> Thank you so much for dropping by and giving us great value - Any final note to our readers, especially those who are still trapped in the idea stage

If you find yourself struggling to get an idea off the ground, the fastest way to implementation is hiring a coach. The benefit is you can save yourself much time, frustration and sleepless nights because there is power in community. Having someone who can step back and see things clearly, has successfully launched their own businesses, in addition to having the necessary tools to help you achieve your goals, it's a no-brainer. 

==>  How can you be reached if anyone needs to get in touch with you for business purpose or to help them answer a few question

I encourage everyone to connect with me on Facebook, that is usually the fastest method and I respond to everyone personally. >> FACEBOOK  >> INSTAGRAM

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