How To Become An Expert At Anything

Becoming an expert isn't rocket science, after all. It's all about these 3 rules outlined in this article. I'm sure most of you came here looking for a silver bullet formula that can magically turn things around.

What you are about to read however is Gold & if you give it the proper attention, you'll surely succeed at becoming a bad ass expert at whatever you want to be.

You should probably know by now, that success has it's rules and it is just impossible to scale to the top without paying attention to those rules and playing by them.

All the successful entrepreneurs, influencers, politicians, musicians you know of, are all taking advantage of these 3 set of rules and are playing by it.

It's a simple set of 3 rules, but it is these rules that are vital to your growth and no one can progress without them. If you're reading this article, I think you're already playing by the #1 rule (decode that). Without wasting your time, let's get into details on "How To Become An Expert At Anything - The 3 Must Do!"

Reading (Studying) is the #1 golden rule, if you fail to read and research on the niche area you wish to be known or become an expert at, you'll likely not go near success.

Reading or studying gives you leverage, it makes you have knowledge on what to do and what not to do, what to apply and what not to. If you've ever come across the quote "Readers Are Leaders" it is clear that it is impossible to lead or become an expert at anything without reading.

If there's one thing you want to be lazy at doing when trying to build your career or business. Don't include reading/research in that!

Because that is the first key to opening your world to a new realm you've never experienced before.

I have a friend who said, she doesn't go on to the next chapter of a book without applying what she just learnt from the previous. That, to me is really a good point, if you ask.

Quite a number of people have become serial learners and they neglect the second most important rule, which is to apply what they've learned. Or how else would you know if what you are learning is correct?

Avoid being a serial learner without applying what you're learning. Become a serial implementer. learn, practice. Unlearn whats not working in the process and quickly move on to the next thing.

Learning serially without implementation is same as procrastination. It's like paralysis by analysis. So be careful to take note of this when you are jacking all the knowledge, be sure you are taking steps towards your goals.

When people get into this stage, they are often trapped in the idea of, (I want to go in big time). But they forget that taking baby steps is a great way to win the race. "Slow And Steady Wins The Race"

Commitment & Consistency, the mother of innovation. Innovation isn't about inventing something new, it's about doing something better.

Making what would seem like small tweaks and turn it into something more advanced. If you want to be good at anything, you must learn to be committed to the game, and commitment breeds consistency.

Commitment is when you make up your mind to stay true to something no matter what. Consistency is when you keep at it knowing that you've promised yourself you'll do it at all cost. Commitment to performance.

Many people get really excited when they learn something new, they are quick to implement, but they lack the zeal to stay committed and being consistent at it.

 In summary! The 3 rules to become an expert at anything, scale up and succeed at anything is to pay attention and work with these 3 set of rules;
1. Read (read to lead) that's the game changer.
2. Be a serial implementer and not just a serial learner.
3. Commit to your goals and be consistent with it.

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