Is Picking Up A Corporate Job A Bad Idea For Millennials?

The corporate world has faced series of accusations, especially in recent times. The generation "Y" seems to hate it with passion.

The idea of graduating from the university and picking up a corporate job sounds like sh*t to many. For most people, it's seen as slavery to the government or whomever the boss is.

Slavery until eternity! that's what most people term it as. While on the other side of things, others would see it as security, the best form of life.

However, there's been more argument heating up around this topic "Should I Pick Up A Corporate Job?" As more people are tagging themselves "entrepreneurs" something most of those who work in the corporate setting would kick against, as they believe there is no true security there. (Or they'll just tag you jobless) 

But one thing seems to be missing in that thought! Which is that the owners of these businesses & companies they work for are as well entrepreneurs who have evolved to become investors and employers of labor. So if you still think, working there means security, it is a wrong thought. Meaning! the truth remains, you're working for an entrepreneur. And if you're working with a government agency, you can still get laid off when a shift happens in the economy

Let's turn the table here. Looking at things from the angle of that guy with his suit and tie on, we can't really blame him for his decision, can we? blaming him for not being bold enough to start his own business venture.

No, we can't blame him at all, in fact, we shouldn't look down on him. We must first understand that the entrepreneurship "thingy" isn't meant for everyone - Look, that's just the simple hard truth. It's like forcing someone to join your scheme which they don't either fancy or they just know that they can't fit in, in any way.

Understand that, not everyone is cut out for that struggle at all. Entrepreneurship isn't all smooth, a road paved with gold as some information marketers have made it seem to so many people.

There's a lot of hard work, sleepless nights and of course failures that one would eventually encounter along that road - And not everyone wants such, not everyone is willing to face failure, not everyone want's to struggle too much in the process of trying to make something work, they'd rather prefer to work with a template that is already built.

To sum everything up concerning the big question on the ground "Is Working In The Corporate World A Bad Idea For Millennials?" The answer would be; Life is all about perception, perspective & choice

Life leaves you and I a big room for choosing what we want, there's room for option and our choices are determined by perception, perspective and then it shapes our goals which in the end determines the choices we would make.

It would be totally wrong or unfair to make people feel less human or humiliate them because they have chosen to remain in the corporate setting. Some acclaimed entrepreneurs are not even living comfortably as much as those in the corporate setting. 

It's not a game of you're screwed or you're inferior to me because you've tagged yourself the title "entrepreneur" whereby you ain't even doing better than who you're mocking, it's human choice or circumstance that conditions our decisions.

Lastly! Some of these people you tag corporate workers today, end up becoming big business owners at a later part of their life. Sometimes they just need to pass through that former stage to allow them evolve into who they truly are, and answer their calling.

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