Rohan Gilkes: Laid Off And Broke? Here Are 2 Ways I Made Money Hustling Late Night

In a nutshell, midnight is a sweet time to work for me and there are a few no-questions-asked hustles that specifically work well around that time. 

Here's two of them that I cycled through when I was laid off.

1) Craigslist-Philippin­es Arbitrage

For me, this was the holy grail of hustling.
So to give you some perspective, $2.50 per hour in the Philippines is more than a registered nurse makes.

So for a small hourly rate, you can hire someone there that speaks good English that can handle online chats, answer emails, do random virtual assistant work, write content etc. You can then resell those services in the U.S at like $10 per hour. 

At one point I was creating a ton of content for an affiliate network called Bans (Build A Niche Site) doing exactly this in order to keep the lights on. 

WHY MIDNIGHT? Because of the time difference, midnight in the U.S is the middle of the day in the Philippines. Best time to do business and get something like this set up in the Philippines version of Craigslist.

2) Craigslist Thumbtack Arbitrage 

The way this one works: Someone may be looking for a moving/cleaning/­lawncare service and they'll post it on Thumbtack and multiple people will respond. I would respond as a service provider and then repost on craigslist for someone to actually do the work and make the difference between the two. 

WHY MIDNIGHT? At midnight, most of the competition is asleep so you have a better shot at landing a client posting for service. Quite often the person that responds the fastest has the best chance of winning and if everybody else is sleeping... wink emoticon


These are just two quick hustles but these types of arbitrage opportunities from one country to another or one online platform to another, or from offline to online (buying in supermarkets, reselling on Amazon) are plentiful. 

Stuff like this comes with risk, but I had no choice with things falling apart like Chinua Achebe. 

At the time when I was hustling like this, I was laid off with no income, no family around, had burned through my savings and 401k, and had a mortgage to pay. 

Hopefully, I'll never be in that position again, but if so, I'll be sleeping during the day and setting that alarm for midnight all over again.

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