The LinkedIn Marketing Expert Who Has Built 3 Multi-million Dollar Businesses

Dennis Brown is a LinkedIn marketing and social selling expert who has built 3 Multi-million Dollar businesses, his companies have been ranked 6 times in Inc. Magazine as the fastest growing companies in America.

Dennis Brown is a well known LinkedIn & social selling expert, he is the author of the book "The 7 Habits Of Highly Successful LinkedIn Users" He has generated $20 million in new business using LinkedIn.

Dennis really knows his way around the LinkedIn world, he is not here to teach theory but the very strategies he himself used to skyrocket his businesses to achieve the results he is able to achieve.
Like many of you, he was skeptical too, reluctant, didn't adapt or adopt the social media (and social selling) concept initially. He thought it was a total waste of time.

He began to see the true value of incorporating social selling into his life and business when he landed his first 6 figure client via LinkedIn, though he didn't imagine that would have been possible as he only set up his LinkedIn profile hurriedly... But he got a different perspective when his first paying client came knocking on his social media door.

Just like Dennis, most of us want to scale and get that high paying client(s). You want to create freedom, lock down a fixed income level which will allow you to focus more on the other important things in life. But how can that be achieved? How can social selling, particularly LinkedIn position or showcase you to the world at large & land you that big lead that'll end up being a big deal client?

Let's pick the brain of Dennis Brown and get to drink from his well of knowledge. Let's leverage on what he knows so that things can fall into place.
Just like Dennis, many of you have been doing something wrong but he found his way, so can you. Stick around let's dive right in on this.

=> Hi Dennis, it's nice to have you on as our awesome guest, hope you are doing great today and ready to share knowledge with our audience?


=> Can you tell us more about yourself, what you do and how it all got started?

I've been an entrepreneur for over 20 years now.  Many failures and few successes along the way as I have built two 7 figure and one 8 figure businesses.  I was a social media naysayer back in 2007 then I joined LinkedIn and within about 60 days had landed my first 6 figure client.  We went on to generate well over $20 million in sales by using LinkedIn to connect/engage with our target market.

Since selling that business I now consult, train and speak on LinkedIn marketing and social selling. I help consultant, coaches, and B2B sales leaders to break through to their target market using my LinkedIn marketing system.

=> LinkedIn for long has been a platform where professionals meet with serious clients, but not many people seem to understand how the platform works, some think it is just a place to create a resumé kind of profile - Can you expand more on what the platform is all about?

Yes, LinkedIn started out as just a place for people to look for a job. But in the last 5 years, it has become recognized as a tool for b2b marketing and lead generation.  Fact is there are over 500 million members worldwide and almost half of them are manager level or above with decision-making authority.  So that makes it a very target rich environment if you know how to engage them without scaring them away. 😊

=> How were you able to build your businesses to such a huge level by leveraging on LinkedIn & social selling?

I have a three-part system. 1) CREATE: This is where you create a compelling and interesting profile that ensures you make a good first impression with your target market.

2) CONNECT:  This is where you identify, find and connect with your target in such a way that you foster additional trust.

3) CONVERT:  This is where you engage them by using strategies that build trust and credibility, which eventually leads to an offline meeting/call.

It took years and a lot of trial and error to figure out the system.  I lost millions in opportunities along the way.  So now I teach others my system and how to leverage it for their business.

=> Initially, what were the challenges you were experiencing with the platform & building your business in general?

My biggest challenge when I first got started back in 2007 was my lack of understanding of social media.  Like I said I was a total naysayer and have little to no experience on social.

=> Not many people have been able to find their way around LinkedIn, it's just so confusing for many people - What are the steps they need to start with? And basic knowledge about the platform?

1) Create a compelling profile NOT a resume.  2) Build a powerful network by connecting with the right people 3) After you connect engage them but do not pitch them on your product or service. Invest time to develop a relationship and good things will happen.  4) Start posting regular LinkedIn updates and share your knowledge, experience, and stories.  I generate 50,000  to 150,000+ views a week of my content now.  Below are some samples to model and learn from.

Why are some successful on LinkedIn while others aren't?

My LinkedIn Rant!

Crazy Story, you probably won't even believe?

I'll be a millionaire by the time I'm 30

You're lying Dennis

=> With so much attention on facebook & facebook ads to engage an audience, do you think LinkedIn is a good alternative for those who aren't getting results on facebook, as the fb platform seems saturated?

Yes but only if their target marketing it spending time there.  You won't find many stay at home moms, retired people, teens, etc.  But if you're selling to businesses or entrepreneur or executives LinkedIn is the place to be.  Did I mention my system has nothing to do with spending money on ads. 😊

=> Talk about social selling, what is the mistake you often see people repeating every single time that is not allowing them to move forward?

Biggest mistakes include 1) bad profile that looks like a resume 2) they lead with their sales pitch vs investing time to develop a relationship/rapport 3) they quit too early

=> Your book "The 7 Habits Of Highly Successful LinkedIn Users" what prompted you to write it? And how can people benefit from it?

I love the book The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People so I modelled after that because lots of people were asking me for help so I put this short ebook together to give people direction.  You can get a free copy at

=> How can anyone scale fast on LinkedIn? Does the platform have a means to run ads, and what are the best ways to utilize it & reduce the risk of losing money?

Yes you can run ads and the platform is getting better but LinkedIn doesn't require an ad budget to be successful.  As a matter of fact, none of my clients or sales come from LinkedIn ads.  As for scaling, LinkedIn is not a shotgun mass marketing approach it is much more targeted systematic approach to finding, connecting and engaging decisions makers.

=> Finally, can you share a golden tip or strategy that new users can implement when starting out on the platform that'll set them apart from the others?

My biggest tip is get started because your target market is there and if you don't your competition will.

=> How can people get your book & if anyone wants to reach out what are the mean they can get in touch with you?

You can get my book at:
Check out my blog at:

You can attend one of my free LIVE LinkedIn training at
Or follow/connect with me at

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