Why Millennials Mostly Fail At Idea Stage

I have actually come to realize that there are virtually three main reasons why most ideas never take off. I realize there are so many bright ideas buried in the graveyard today, and if Millennials aren't harnessing & maximizing the potentials of what has been provided to help catapult their ideas, implement strategies and so much more... Taking advantage of things such as; technology, social media, and knowledge provided in all forms.

Then many bright ideas might as well still get buried & not see the light of the day, and it simply means, one will end up not achieving anything, and if that happens, the individual ends up not making any significant difference, impact or remark(s) while they exist.

So in my observation of things & from personal experience, there are 3 major things that can wreck & ruin that idea even before it sees the light of the day. (that's if it does)

Information Problem:- Believe me when I say this is one of the biggest challenge thousands of people, most especially millennials, are facing worldwide, despite the way technology has even made it easier for people to have access to any kind of information.

Here's Why That Is Happening

1. They are not getting access to the right information, which is why they can't ever achieve anything at all.
2. They are not even getting the information at all. You know, when you get a wrong info and it fails, you'd want to look for the right information - But in the situation where you are totally black out and don't know your right from wrong. It's worse.

Information deficiency is a tough challenge and if it is not given proper attention, it can lock you out and make your productivity level grow lean by the day. And if care is not taken, one might end up becoming really frustrated and eventually call it a quit.

Implementation Problem:- When you have access to information whether it's correct or not, and you refuse to try it out, to implement it and see if it'll work out, then you can't have a result of any kind. Because you have failed to put what you've learned to work and test your results.
What's the point in learning and never implementing? You're the same as someone who doesn't know what you know, you are both on the same level. The reason this happens mostly is because the individual is afraid of uncertainty

Procrastination Problem:- This is one of the many plagues we all face, it's like a curse we all have to deal with. Procrastination knows no age or gender, and it's a respecter of no position. Even most people we often look up to as role models battle with this plague.

Procrastination sometimes shows up as "perfectionism" meaning that a person feels they need to make everything look and feel perfect before launching it, but in the real sense of it, they are just procrastinating.

If you ask them how far they have gone even after two years, they'll tell you they are still working on it, you'll find out they have not even left the concept stage (idea stage) to implementation stage.

What Should You Do If Any of These Speaks to You?

It's simpler than you would ever think, yep! I learned so much from a book titled The Compound Effect is written by Darren Hardy this book talks extensively about the concept and the importance of doing things bit by bit and the overall compound effect or result you'll get in the end.

Truly, not many people understand this fact. That it's not about the big things, but taking one step at a time that'll guarantee one's result. If you develop the culture and habit of doing the small things first and building the will to continue even when it just seems like you're not getting any result yet, even the universe will work in your favour.

I'm one of the very few who believe and teach the principle of "When opportunity meets preparedness, it becomes a success" It is as you take those progressive little steps, that you would eventually collide with success.

Always be willing to learn, people who feel that they already know enough are the ones who end up not adapting to the new change in the system, such as in technology, socially, and so on.

Also, while you learn, be the doer too, don't just be a marathon leaner, implement as you learn. This way, you can quickly correct your wrongs and also unlearn what's not working.

Ditch procrastination it has never done anyone good. When you procrastinate, you waste the most precious time of your life. Understand also that, while you are busy procrastinating, someone else is someone thinking about the same idea, yes that idea that you think only you have. It's better to be imperfect than to never start.

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