How The Journey Of Every Writer Begins—Or Terribly Ends!

< The demon every writer has to deal with at some point >
Ask any writer, they'll tell you about a demon they've had to deal with at some point in time known as the RE-CALLED demon. (it's a word I had to come up with, but don't worry it'll make a lot of sense to you as you read on) 
It screams at you—recall it, damn it! It's the worst book ever, it's the worst article ever and no one will ever read it. It's so hilarious that the best ideas I've had or ever come up with, came while I was in the restroom. But the shameful part is, it has in most cases gone back there where it came from, 99 percent of great ideas never get the chance to see the daylight.
What is the problem, or why does this happen repeatedly? It's a great question, and I hope this blog post answers that for you.

Yes, this blog post is about you, although it's about a story or a narrative of how I conceive great ideas from the toilet, but it's never about me - it's about you, yes you, because you're a great writer, a great publisher who has written many Amazon best sellers, NY times best sellers and even countless National bestsellers and Viral blog posts, but the problem is, it all happens in your head mostly and probably in the toilet just like me. 
 I'd like to keep this in context. RE-CALLED is about how the journey of a writer begins or terribly and shamefully sometimes ends. 
Actually, let me confess quickly before I go deep into this, this post you are reading was never meant to be a blog post, it was intended to be a part of a chapter in my second book.

But if you ask me, where is my first published book? It's not even published yet and this is 2018! What a shame, isn't it? Especially when you get to find out I've been writing since the early 2000's. Yet I can only boast of one ebook that has probably only around 15 pages. I don't even remember anymore because it was eventually recalled and swept back under the carpet where it will never be seen again. 
Is this happening to you too? I decided to publish this as a blog so that my intention to write my next book—which will be titled RE-CALLED—won't be sent back to the toilet hole. Because truthfully, I conceived the idea there earlier today. As at the time this article was being written I just concluded the last chapter of my first official book, which was supposed to be my 5th or 6th book.

But what happened to the other ones before it? I started writing and got to probably chapter 3 or 4 and then I recalled it, I said to myself, damn this sh!t is terrible and then I killed it. I doubted my credibility, I stopped believing in my expertise, I shifted from being the pro in the subject matter to become a figure of ridicule who lived his fame only in his mind and let the world just move on. I'm of no good after all
Same way I have lived in mediocrity all my life as a great writer since the early 2000s till 2017 that I finally summoned the courage to finally start a blog that'll stand the test of time and follow it through no matter what, and also at the same time put my first official book out there no matter how small it is, is the same way most of you reading this have swept away your NY times best sellers because of self doubt and what I call the "RECALL" demon, so you tell yourself "oh there's just not enough chapters in this book, or there are not enough concrete reasons why this should ever get published, I'm not even a certified this or that. etc" RE-CALLED vs RE-UNITED One is the culprit, the bad guy, while the latter is the angel. They all operate in a writer's head. But let's start with the bad guy. 

#1 The Demon Known As RE-CALLED

This is the first one that ruins everything, and everyone who has gone down this path never returns or hardly ever returns. 
They recalled everything they've ever written, it's just a piece of jargon all of a sudden, it looks all childish or insensible or whatever the word is to qualify their recall action. This has happened to me countless times so I know this to be true.

See, I've written articles that were worth sharing, worth putting into a book or used as a blog content but I either end up burning the book or deleting it from my text editor because I felt I'm just crazy or stupid all together. 
I've started book projects and end up recalling it because I felt it needs some improvements, or it's just so terribly written. Phew! I sigh and then I recall it, with the promise of redoing it from scratch, but that's just about it, the end of the whole story. 
The same thing has happened to a number now established authors. The "RE-CALL" demon is something very hard to deal with. And I've dealt with this for years myself! I finally realized that I was even more foolish for not publishing those works and probably improving on them later as I learn more, because going by the reviews I've received from people I have worked with for the past 9 plus years of being a freelance writer for other people who use my works on their websites or as sales copy, they all say it makes a lot of sense. Which makes me wonder! 
If others can nod their heads in affirmation to the points I make based on personal opinions in my writeups (I've seen this many times) Then why the hell have I killed myself for such a long time, not even a single published book in my name or a post in Forbes, Inc, Success or Entrepreneurs? Or best of all, create a platform for myself where I could have shared the best of me with my audience and the rest of the world at large.

The answer is quite simple (I could be the world's greatest that's ever alive) but I'm seriously battling with what's called "Recall It demon". That negative thought that keeps you or anyone else from truly becoming world's most famous in whatever they find themselves doing. Especially writing.  

#2 The Angel That "RE-UNITES" You.

Only a lucky few of us get reunited with the passion again when we dump it.
After you must have wondered about like a prodigal child, away from your calling for months or years - it's likely almost impossible to find your way back or get reunited again to take positive action. 
I left writing in 2005 and luckily, nature or whatever the force is, kept drawing and dragging me back to it. Truth be told, I've made more money from writing than most businesses I've done. 
Even despite the fact that I'm not yet a published author. But because of my writing I've been opportune to appear on TV shows, featured in other publications and also hired to write some articles on sensitive topics that I never thought I could have the gut to write on, most in which I'm not an expert on - But I still was able to nail it.

So if you are reading this, and you're an aspiring author or content writer who is doing this on and off, I think this is the reunion force calling you to full-service mode yet again. 
It's time you start taking this more seriously and go all in. And if you are already a published author, great. This is to remind you of those moments you once doubted yourself that you weren't good enough & you buried those articles, you RE-CALLED many books that ought to have become life-changing books to thousands of people worldwide.

How Does The Journey Begin Or End?
For everyone, writing starts mostly as something fun, we just like to write maybe our thoughts down, our opinions and beliefs or sometimes to journal our life events as a whole, and from there it could evolve to becoming a passion. 

We'd like to get our voice heard by others, so we either pitch for columns or create a microblog and then start sharing our thoughts or by using social media platforms.Then the thought of writing a book could set in. 
The Journey is dynamic in nature and can't be determined because it is not a skill you go to the university to learn, it's a calling that most people get in their journey through life. But just like anything else in life, we face challenges, it's either it is not well accepted by our first few readers or the publishers just think you are better off being a mechanic than a writer, so you are slapped with 1,2,3-50 or 100 rejections. "Oh gosh" at this point, you're either telling yourself, "I think they are right, I'm no good at this for real" or you keep pushing, either way, one force Recall or Reunion actually wins. 
(The demon or the Angel) You are either reunited more with your writing passion every time you get those rejection emails and letters or you are gradually drawn away from it. In my own case, it wasn't rejection letters, because I started with blogging, it was about people criticizing my opinions or pointing out those typos and screaming them in the comment section, of how my article was badly formatted and probably why I don't have a future in the writing industry. 

I'll sometimes feel like crying and in most cases, the shame will make me take down any post that I get criticized for. 
I recalled many posts and never got to republish them ever. It was a dark period for me and I never believed I would be the one writing this today with my works featured in many publications. 
As I said (wrote earlier) the journey is a dynamic one, and sometimes the end result is unknown, which means, not many will be able to stand all these critical situations, so many will just give in and call it a quit. 

Becoming a published author or a well-recognized content creator, whether for other blogs or content platforms of your own, is all about survival of the "will-est" which means that your will to succeed ought to be stronger. 
You must be willing to accept all hits made by your critics (whom I like to call your well-wishers). Because if you think about it, these actually do play a major role in your improvement and aftermath success. 
So aside from outside critics, you also have your inner "Recall It" demon to deal with too. Remember, I said this wasn't supposed to actually be a blog post as it is, but I had to write a blog post out of it because I wanted to remind myself that there are people waiting for my next book which is supposed to be titled "RE-CALLED"I wanted to stay committed and hold myself accountable - because if I don't put this out today, I fear the "Recall Demon" could overtake and tell me the title ain't cute enough or the chapters aren't well detailed, then leading to a recall of the book project. I've committed myself to this now. 
So I want to ask you. What book or article project have you or are you willing to commit yourself to? Put the excerpts out there and let people hold you accountable and when you know there are people waiting eagerly on you on your next article or book, you'll really want to do the needful, which is to work on the project and get it done no matter what.

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