6 HEROES: List Of 6 Powerful Savvy Women You Should Follow In 2018 And Beyond

Now that 2017 has finally come to an end - We hope you all had a fulfilled year!
So many great things happened last year, the good, the bad, the great and likewise the ugly. But we can't forget to acknowledge the people who made it really "Awesome" for themselves and those they came in contact with, directly and indirectly.

We are talking about the movers, shakers, and influencers in the social-entrepreneurship world, those who have held it down and are still growing stronger by the day. They've made many significant and tremendous impact during the last 1 year and it wouldn't be fair not to recognize them and mention them in our list of six.

We are proud to showcase our list of 6-Heroes you should definitely start following in the new year and beyond.

It's no doubt, women are truly disrupting the social media world and the digital space in general.
It is no longer dominated by men alone - In recent times, women have risen to world recognition status simply by harnessing the power of tech and social media to create great impact.
Most have built thriving business empires for themselves, serving the needs of other big corporations worldwide - Such as the recent rise in demand for VA's.

VA's have replaced the offline secretary job and are making life a lot easier for small businesses to scale faster and allowing the owners to focus more on what they are good at.
. Women are now mostly dominant in web development and design, CRM management and social media ad campaign management. 

We've created this complimentary list to recognize this super & awesome women who are truly making positive change worldwide with their ventures.

Meet Our 6-HEROES For The Year 2018

Lakshmia Maria

Founder: LMF Consulting Group
Laksmia Maria is a digital savvy, her entrepreneurial journey is one that is worth writing a book about.  She started working as early as age 14 in a corporate environment, she got laid off at 21 and became depressed with the situation she found herself, not able to secure a new job to take care of her needs.

It literally took about 3 years before she could get another job, surprisingly, she got fired on the exact same day she lost her very first job. (coincidence! maybe?).  She summoned courage this time however not to get depressed.

So she started to brainstorm and look around at what she could possibly do. consulting came to mind, so she kicked off and then scaled it to agency level, then incorporated coaching service in the mix.

Now Marie is the founder of "LMF Consulting Group" where she primarily offers consultation services, coaching and strategy implementation for individuals and firms  

Jill Stanton

Founder: Screw The 9 to 5
Jill and her husband Josh Stanton are the founders of "screw the 9 to 5" Facebook community, blog and membership site platform that helps people transition from the 9 to 5 job working environment to becoming successful entrepreneurs & business owners online.

Jill is loved among her tribe and has been featured on podcasts such as John Lee Dumas 'EO fire podcast' and other notable publications.

Caroline Wabara

Founder: CarolinaWabara.com
Meet Caroline Wabara, the tech-savvy, mom & best-selling author of 3 books on social media marketing, digital marketing, and business blogging.

She operates a full-blown online PR consultation business platform CarolineWabara.com and she blogs at CarolinaWabara.com/blog

Caroline shares practical information via her social media page on how to maximize the use of Facebook, and other digital products that would aid anyone to succeed at their businesses.

[Interesting Facts] She does the following for clients:  Inbound Marketing (Blogging, Social Media, Email, SEO & Mobile Marketing), Wordpress Website Development, Public Speaking (Digital Marketing, Social Media), Copywriting, Online Advertising & Mgt (Facebook, Google, Linkedin Ads).

Katya Varbanova

Founder: Peri10k.com
She is the queen of live streaming, founder of Peri10k Mastermind (Peri10k.com) where she offers awesome tips & courses on live streaming and how to profit from it big time.

Katya also owns a large Facebook group where you can connect with fellow live-streamers and learn a ton of things on how to get started and establish your live streaming movement.

Katya is an ever energetic lady boss, a banker turned social media guru who is changing lives on a daily basis - She has successfully built a powerful network and a business around live streaming, something that many have failed at.

Egwali Catherine Mayokun

Founder: Switemtech.com
Just imagine the level of intellect or technical skills a lady who owns a technology company would be endowed with.

She is the co-founder of the tech company "Switemtech" which started as a small company in 2013 in Glasglow United kingdom. She relocated to Nigeria and in 2014 the company was incorporated.

Her tech company currently provides, domain & web hosting services, web design and SEO services, digital consultancy and payment acceptance solutions.

Rachel Pedersen

Founder: Social Media United (SMU)
Calling herself the lady boss isn't based on arrogance, she's truly a lady boss who went through different phases in life and at the end was able to push her way through to the top, and we at EC'Magazine really believe her story (well at least the little we know) should really make you pause and think. And ask yourself the question! "Am I really doing enough to push my way through until I succeed?

Rachel didn't have it all great and easy at the beginning but pressed on, till she was able to create the life she had always hoped and dreamed of.

Now, Rachel Pedersen is a Social Media Strategist recognized by Content Marketing Institute as one of the Most Influential Online Marketers.

Rachel went from a college drop-out, a single mother on welfare to becoming a successful and highly sought after Social Media Strategist and educator.

She has been featured in top publications such as Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, The Daily Mail and many other platforms, as well as top podcasts too.

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