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We interview proven entrepreneurs all over the world, from various industries you can ever imagine, on how they were able to build their thriving business so that struggling entrepreneurs can harness on the shared knowledge and in turn scale their startups and succeed too.

Information is the new global currency, and the right information when translated properly becomes knowledge. We live in the "information consumption age, the era where people are knowledge hungry. Virtually every sane person craves for accurate information that'll help them stay ahead, win and dominate

Entrepreneurs Chronicle magazine publication is positioned to help with tailored information, materials, and products to help you navigate the noisy world of content - We simply create only what's useful and help you stay on top always. 

EC'Magazine, as we are called for short, publishes, curates contents from/by only proven entrepreneurs, people who already have result in their businesses or niche of play. We interview thought leaders, captains of industries and feature stories that are highly inspiring from influencers from all around the world. 

EC'Magazine is reinventing the wheel & changing your view of what content used to be - And the team is constantly working to ensure we stand clear from the usual cliché that has suddenly flooded the Internet - Our aim is to add real value to the lives of our dedicated readers, grow you to become better at what you do so that you can likewise improve & impact the lives of others whom you'll eventually encounter as well - As you sail through life. 

EC'Magazine is owned and fully managed by EC'Magazine e-Publications inc. Our overall goal is to become the go-to center for quality, accuracy, value and insightful content/information whenever you think of improving or growing your personal brand, scale your business or find useful information to help skyrocket your life or in your entrepreneurial quest. 

With What started as just an idea in 2013 and became a small blog shortly after the idea conception, formerly known as [Zepreneur Magazine] with the "Ze" standing for zealous, we have evolved and we've rebranded, we finally found a better way to serve our readers - Thus the new brand was created and we believe this would better serve the needs of our audience. 

EC'Magazine Partners with potential individuals to build their personal brands and to achieve their goals. We sponsor a yearly award for Proven Entrepreneurs from all around the world, to recognize their efforts in trying to make the world a better place for all. (#EC' Excellent Awards). 

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